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Frequently Asked Questions - Acids
How is Muriatic Acid used to adjust pH of swimming pool water?

Muriatic Acid should be added gradually to lower pH. The amount added depends on pool water capacity and starting pH. Always re-test pH before allowing swimmers to enter pool. Carefully read and follow all label warnings and directions.

How can Muriatic Acid be used to etch a concrete basement floor?

Usually basements cannot be properly ventilated to allow use of Muriatic Acid. Muriatic Acid and its vapors are very corrosive and can damage metal surfaces including heating and cooling systems. Muriatic Acid is also hazardous to people and it must be thoroughly rinsed after use. There are buffered or inhibited acids that are safer for indoor use.

Can Muriatic Acid be used to remove acrylic sealers from cement patios?

Muriatic Acid is not usually effective as a remover for acrylic sealers, or as a paint remover. Whenever possible, sealer manufacturer should be contacted for a solvent recommendation. Sunnyside Xylol often works for removal of acrylic sealers.

Can I use Muriatic Acid as a drain cleaner?

No. Muriatic Acid may damage plumbing systems, and it should not be used as a drain cleaner. Only products labeled as drain cleaners should be used for this purpose.

How do I clean mortar off a new brick wall?

Use a dilute solution of muriatic acid, apply with a soft bristle plastic or rubber brush. Allow a few minutes for acid mixture to work, and then flush with running water. Muriatic Acid is corrosive, follow all label directions and warnings.

Can I put Muriatic Acid in a pressure washer tank?

No. Most pressure washers will be damaged by direct contact with Muriatic Acid. Also be careful of overspray which may damage materials that it contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions - Drying Oils
What is the difference between Boiled and Raw Linseed Oil?

Boiled Linseed Oil contains metallic driers that accelerate its drying. Boiled Linseed Oil, if applied according to label directions, dries in approximately 24 hours, Raw Linseed Oil dries in 3-4 days. Neither product should be applied to food treatment surfaces, such as cutting boards.

Can boiled linseed oil be used to treat a pressure-treated wood deck?

Yes, boiled linseed oil can be used to add "life" to pressure-treated wood. However, it is not a long term outdoor wood treatment. A better choice for water repellency is Sunnyside Clear Wood Protectant or Water Proofer.

Will linseed oil preserve my outdoor wood furniture?

Linseed Oil (Boiled or Raw) is not a wood preservative, but it will help maintain wood's natural appearance and give some protection from water damage. Outdoor applications should usually be repeated on a yearly basis.

What can I use to reduce the stickiness of Linseed Oil if I accidentally over apply it?

Wipe the surface with Sunnyside Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner. Rags should be disposed of as described on Sunnyside Linseed Oil label; they may be a spontaneous combustion hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions - Paint Thinners and Multi-Purpose Solvents
Where can I buy Carbo-Sol?

Carbo-Sol was discontinued in January, 2006 because of changes in air pollution regulations in California and other states. Sunnyside Mineral Spirits, Naphtha or other products may be used for many applications where Carbo-Sol was used. Carefully read and follow all warnings and directions on product labels.

What is the purity of Sunnyside Acetone?

Sunnyside Acetone has a minimum purity of 99.5%, as supplied in original container.

Is Sunnyside Paint Thinner 100% Mineral Spirits?

Sunnyside Paint Thinner contains only Mineral Spirits.

Can Sunnyside Turpentine and Boiled Linseed Oil be used as artist's supplies?

None of Sunnyside's products have been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as artist's materials.

Can I use Acetone or Lacquer Thinner to remove floor adhesive?

No, these products are extremely flammable, and could easily result in a catastrophic flash fire if used for adhesive removal. A better choice is a non-flammable product, such as Ready Strip Mastic Remover. Carefully read and follow all label warnings and directions.

What product should I use to clean bare metal surfaces prior to painting?

Sunnyside Acetone will leave a residue free surface in preparation for painting. Carefully read and follow all label warnings and directions.

Can Sunnyside Paint Thinner be used for cleaning paint brushes used with latex paint?

No, Sunnyside Paint Thinner is used only with oil based paints. Green Envy Paint Thinner can be used with water based coatings as well as most oil based coatings.

What product should I use for thinning an oil-based porch and deck enamel?

Sunnyside Xylol is commonly used for thinning this type of paint. Always consult and follow the paint manufacturer's directions before thinning.

Can Mineral Spirits be used to remove grease or wax build-up on wood surfaces?

Yes, Sunnyside Mineral Spirits will work well for this purpose. Carefully read and follow all label warnings and directions.

What are petroleum distillates?

Petroleum distillates are the fuels and solvents that are produced from the distillation of petroleum. Mineral spirits, naphtha, kerosene and gasoline are examples of petroleum distillates.

What can be used to remove heel and scuff marks from laminated or sheet goods flooring?

Sunnyside Mineral Spirits will work well for this purpose. Provide cross ventilation and follow all label warnings.

Can Gum Turpentine be applied to cuts to heal them?

No, it will further damage broken skin. Do not apply turpentine or other solvents to skin.

Can oily automotive parts be soaked in Green Envy Paint Thinner?

No, it contains water and would not be ideal for this application. Use Sunnyside Mineral Spirits.

Is there a VOC compliant product for degreasing bicycle parts now that mineral spirits is not available in California?

Sunnyside Odorless Mineral Spirits, California Compliant meets California VOC requirements for degreasers.

Is Xylol the same as Xylene?

Yes, xylene is the chemical name for Xylol.

Can Xylol be used to remove defective acrylic sealers from concrete?

Xylol will loosen many acrylic sealers, and can be used on concrete. Because it is flammable, eliminate all ignition sources. Contact sealer manufacturer for additional information.

Does Sunnyside Mineral Spirits have an expiration date?

No. Sunnyside Mineral Spirits does not have an expiration date if stored in its original, tightly capped container.

Is Sunnyside Gum Turpentine derived from petroleum?

No. It is obtained from living pine trees.

Can I use Sunnyside Acetone to clean my leather jacket?

No. Acetone will extract natural oils from the leather causing it to dry and crack. Use mild leather cleaner or consult dry cleaner.

Is there a low VOC replacement for MEK?

Acetone is exempt (not classified as a VOC) and will work for many applications where MEK is specified.

Will Sunnyside Paint Thinner remove paint from a cabinet?

No. Sunnyside Paint Thinner thins liquid paint but is not a paint remover. Back To Nature Multi-Strip or Ready Strip Plus can be used to safely and effectively remove paint.

Can I use Sunnyside Paint Thinner to clean paint spill on asphalt driveway?

No. Paint thinner will soften asphalt.

Frequently Asked Questions - Paint & Varnish Removers
What product can be used to remove paint from a fiberglass boat?

Ready Strip Marine will effectively strip marine paints without damaging the gel coat or fiberglass.

What is the coverage for Multi-Strip?

Approximately 50-75 square feet per gallon, depending on coatings being stripped, number of layers, and surface being stripped.

Do Back To Nature Multi-Strip or Ready Strip Plus stripped surfaces need to be neutralized?

No. Surfaces can be cleaned with water or Back To Nature After Wash after coating removal.

Can Multi-Strip be used to strip a fiberglass door?

Yes. Follow label directions for best results.

Will Back To Nature strippers work on concrete?

Yes. Since concrete is porous, additional time or applications may be necessary.

Can I use Back To Nature strippers for outside projects when temperature is 40'or below?

No. Back to Nature strippers are most effective at 60-80'F.

Will Multi-Strip damage glass?

No. Multi-Strip is safe for use on glass.

Frequently Asked Questions - Water Based and Dilutable Cleaners
Can Sunnyside Deck Wash be used to clean a painted surface?

Sunnyside Deck wash may discolor or streak painted surfaces. A better choice would be Green Envy House Wash.

Should the deck be wet before applying Sunnyside Deck Wash?

No, Sunnyside Deck Wash works most effectively if applied to a dry deck.

Will Deck Wash harm vegetation?

Yes, cover leafy or flowering plants with plastic sheeting or tarps, and water heavily before and after deck cleaning to minimize damage.

Is Green Envy House wash safe to use on vinyl, aluminum and wood siding?

Yes it is safe for use on all of these surfaces.

What is maximum dilution for Green Envy House Wash?

Dilute up to 19 to 1 with water.

Can Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) be used to clean aluminum?

No. It may darken aluminum.

Can I use Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) as a drain cleaner?

No. Use a product intended for cleaning drains.

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